Research Question #6


What kind of rehabilitation, if any, did the TBI survivors receive?


In-patient rehabilitation.

There was some discrepancy in reporting whether or not persons stayed in a rehabilitation center. Five individuals reported going from a hospital to a rehabilitation facility. However, in the length of stay question, ten individuals reported admissions to rehabilitation centers. There may have been some confusion as to hospital and rehabilitation settings (there are rehabilitation wings within some hospitals) or with out-patient rehabilitation. At any rate, 10% (3) reported being at a rehabilitation center 2 to 4 months, 7% (2) reported being there less than 1 month, 7% (2) reported 1 to 2 month stays, 3% (1) 4 to 6 months, and 7% (2) were at a rehabilitation center over 1 year.


Out-patient rehabilitation.

Ninety-three percent (28 of 30) responded to queries regarding out-patient therapy. Seventy-five (21 of 28) had received some type of out-patient therapy. Twenty-four percent (5 of 21) reported other types of therapies including light therapy (syntonics), vision therapy, and acupuncture.


Specific Therapies.

Although there are many types of out-patient rehabilitation cited in the literature, the study showed that the only type received by more than 50% of the participants was physical therapy. See Figure 7.


Figure 7. Types of Out-Patient Therapy

Figure 7 Types of Out-Patient Therapy

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