Table I     Descriptive Data

Table 2    Medical Predictors of Recovery and Outcome

Table 3    The Reasons Survivors Had Psychological Testing After TBI

Table 4    First Two Years Post-TBI Combined Very Severe and Severe Ratings

Table 5    Comparison of First Two Years Post-TBI and At-Present Time Periods

Combined Very Severe and Severe Scores

Table 6    Mild and Moderate Combined Ratings in the At-Present Time Frame

Table 7    A Comparison of Zero Problem Severity Ratings in the

First-Two-Year-Period and the At-Present Time Period

Table 8    Survivors’ Emotional Reactions to TBI

Table 9    Modifications and Accommodations Received  At School

Table 10  Accommodations at Work

Table 11  Devices Survivors Found Useful to Compensate for Deficits after TBI

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